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IDEAS & TIPS > Classical Balusters Stencil



Balusters offer an exciting way to add dimension and an outdoors feel to a room.

Click here to order Classical Balusters (#10070) for $39.95.

  Paint walls in a base coat color that will create a contrast between the white balusters. Prepare all stencil materials. You may need to crop or fold stencil so that it can be placed "flushed" against molding or floor. It's recommended to both use spray adhesive and masking tape to hold large stencils in the right position.      
         Apply white color with stencil #1. Consider using a small roller given the large area to be painted. Please note that you may need to apply two layers to completely cover the darker base coat. Don't forget to indicate the registration marks with a pencil or fabric pen.  
   Allow white paint to dry (30-60 minutes), then apply medium gray color with stencil #2.       After both the white and gray paint have been stenciled to the walls, you can use a brush to add highlights and texture, if desired, as well as touch up any needed areas.