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IDEAS & TIPS > Big Flowers Stencils



Everybody loves flowers. This large flower stencil in two layers allows you to create a fun and charming effect, that's perfect for a child's room.

Click here to order Big Flower (#10116) for $19.95.

   Paint walls in a light, bright flat base coat color. We used a baby blue.       Use either one or multiple colors for the flower base coat. In this example we used three pastels (green, yellow, and baby pink). Apply the first color using stencil #1. Make sure you place the flowers with enough space between each other so that other colors can fit in between. Don't forget to indicate the registration marks with a pencil or washable marker. Repeat step 2 with the other colors.  
   Allow flower base coat to dry, then apply medium gray color for the outline with stencil #2.