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IDEAS & TIPS > Crackled Fleur-de-Lis Stencil



Create a classical European interior space with a sense of history, using a crackled seal effect.

Click here to order Fleur-de-Lis (#10042) for $11.95.

   Select two contrasting, but harmonious colors. One for the wall base coat color, the other for the seal. In this case, we selected a deep burgundy red Fleur-de-lis over a soft yellow wall color. Apply the base coat wall color.       Lay out a systematic pattern for the seal on the wall. Either use a measurement tape or the registration marks on the stencil.  
   Apply a coat of transparent crackle paint medium using a brush with the stencil. Don't forget to mark the location with a pencil or washable marker.       After the crackle medium have dried completely (usually takes up to 4 hours), apply the seal color. Please note that the brush strokes will determine the crackle effect. Random strokes create random crackles, linear strokes create more stretched out, linear crackles.