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IDEAS & TIPS > Discus Thrower Stencil



Create a piece of Ancient Greek art on your wall.

Click here to order Discus Thrower stencil (#10050A) for $39.95.

   This design usually works best in a range of white to dark gray colors. But you can also use a light-to-dark range of another color (like brown). Apply a base coat wall color that's not too dark or light to create contrast against the design. Apply white (or lightest) paint with stencil #1. Don't forget to indicate the registration marks with a pencil or fabric pen.        Mix a touch of black into the white paint to create a light gray paint (or use the next lightest color). Then color in stencil #2.  
   Mix more black into the light gray paint to create a medium gray paint (or use the darker color). Then color in stencil #3. Finally, mix more black into the medium gray paint to create the darkest gray (or use the darkest color). Then color in stencil #4. Touch up any needed areas with a fine brush.