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IDEAS & TIPS > Embossed Doric Column Stencil



Create a classic old-world look with this Doric Column stencil set.

Click here to order Column stencil set (#10801) for $24.95.

   We used a spatula to apply the plaster through the stencil, using uneven strokes to create an interesting texture. Please note that with columns, you may have to mark up the entire height and stencil every other print, to avoid any smearing.        Once the plaster dried (3-4 hours) the entire wall surface (including the textured stencil designs) was painted in a very light yellow color.  
   On top of the base color, we then applied gray glaze mix with a cloth unevenly over the entire surface.        Before the glaze mix has dried, we used a dry or damp cloth to expose the base color over and around the column. This creates an interesting, aged look!  Emphasize your work with good lighting.