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IDEAS & TIPS > Embossed Ancient Urn Stencil



Create a textured wall art with this 2 overlay Ancient Urn stencil set.

Click here to order Embossed Ancient Urn (#10807) for just $24.95.

   Apply plaster through stencil. Use a damp sponge to create an uneven, smooth surface. The decorative cloth stencil (the 2nd overlay) was applied both as a stand alone border as well as on top of the urn (as a second embossed overlay for added dimension)        The entire wall surface (including the embossed stencil designs) was painted in a skin tone. We then applied a brick color over the urn, using the main stencil. A blue/gold-green color were used for the cloth design. We removed some of the paint with a rag so the base color come through.  
  We then applied a beige glaze mix unevenly over the entire surface for an aged look.       Remove any excess paint with a rag so that the bottom colors some through. This will help add highlights to the embossed surface.