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IDEAS & TIPS > Room with Cloud Stencils



Create a room with a fun, outside feeling using three different sized clouds.

Click here to order Complete set of Clouds (#10537) for just $39.95.

   Start by painting the room in a sky blue color. You can either leave the ceiling white, which we did,  or paint it blue as well. Then use layer 1 of the clouds to stencil the white part. Place the clouds in a random fashion on the top half of the wall around the room, using the smaller clouds below and the larger ones on top. This helps to create a sense of depth. Don't forget to use the registration marks on the stencil.       Once dry, use a medium grey-blue color for the shading using layer 2.  
  Finally, touch up any needed areas with a fine brush. Also, consider to use a sealer to protect the stencil art!