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IDEAS & TIPS > Large Butterflies Stencil



Create a wonderful sense of an open, outdoor space with butterfly prints.

Click here to order Butterfly set (#10013) for just $17.99.

  Choose a light background color. We picked a light, soft blue to resemble a calm sky.

 To create a feeling of depth, we used the stencil in two other smaller custom sizes. We also decided to use three different, but harmonious colors to add some visual interest.
  The base color stencils (#1 stencil) were placed in a random fashion around the room, but not too close to each other. We did our best to alternate the sizes and colors. Halfway into the project we cleaned the base stencils and changes colors (i.e., the smallest stencil changed from yellow to blue, etc.)       Once the base colors were dried we carefully applied the black outline over all stencils.  
  Finally, we touched up any needed areas with a fine brush.