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IDEAS & TIPS > Leopard Wall Stencil



Create an arresting effect with this leopard print on a single wall.

Click here to order Leopard stencil (#9903B) for just $29.95.

   We decided to use the  larger leopard print, 19 x 19  inches. The background color was a soft yellow and the base pattern a brown-orange color. The color was carefully applied with a small roller.       In the corners and around the moldings we simply folded the stencil. You may need to use some masking tape in some areas to avoid getting paint on unwanted areas. Also, since the stencil is relatively large, it's helpful to both use adhesive spray and masking tape to hold the stencil.  
  Once the base pattern color dried, we added the darker black and lighter yellow highlights. The trick here is to use a dry brush and gradually work the highlights in and create soft transitions.       The final effect should be an interesting, moving pattern.