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IDEAS & TIPS > Embossed Mosaic Wave Stencil




Create a beautiful dimensional design with this Mosaic Wave stencil set on a plaster surface.

Click here to order Mosaic wave stencil set (#10856) for $49.95.

   For the background, use a spatula and apply a thin layer of plaster randomly across 60-70% of the surface. When dry, use sand paper to remove any sharp edges.        Re-apply a thin layer of plaster randomly to the rest of the surface. Make sure the coverage is complete.  
  Once the plaster background has dried, use the thicker stencil to apply the plaster through it. This will create the dimensional mosaic tiles.         Be careful when  removing the stencil to keep the shape intact. Please note that you will probably have to work in sections to apply the entire border and corners.
   When dry, use the two thinner stencils to apply the two different colors.        If you want a more shiny (marble-like) surface, use a clean spatula and drag it across the surface several times.